Novel Coronavirus (nCoV2019)

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stop the Spread of COVID-19. 

Business Operations COVID Support Team

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Contact the Business Operations COVID Support Team, open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 502-852-7549, email , or start a live chat.

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Health and Safety Expectations

Mask requirement

Effective Aug.9, all university members are required to mask in public, indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status. Public, indoor spaces are defined as any space inside a campus building that is not considered a private room or private office. Indoor classrooms, teaching labs, common areas, libraries, hallways, elevators and restrooms are all considered public spaces that are subject to the mask requirement. Masks should be worn over the nose and mouth. For questions, review the updated Mask FAQs or contact the Business Operations COVID Support Team.  

Physical distancing is encouraged when possible and when spaces can accommodate six feet of distance between university members.



UofL's contract vendor, Bluewater Diagnostic Lab, has testing available for all university members on weekdays on the Belknap and HSC campuses. University members who are not vaccinated are required to get tested regularly. Learn more.

Feeling symptoms?

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 you should:

  • Stay at home or in your residential hall.
  • Notify Campus Health at 502-852-6479 and contact your medical provider.
  • If you are a student, notify your professors. If you are an employee, notify your supervisor.

Even if you decide to seek care from your own medical provider, be sure to still inform Campus Health.

University Response

COVID-19 Vaccines

The COVID-19 vaccines available in the U.S. are safe and effective. Vaccination is not required, but it is strongly encouraged. It's simple and easy to get vaccinated and there are multiple vaccine locations near you. Learn more.

Testing Dashboard

View the Testing Dashboard for the number of tests, positive cases and negative cases of COVID-19 within our university community. 

Contact Tracing Process

Once the results of a COVID-19 test are confirmed positive, contact investigation will be initiated by Campus Health Services (Campus Health) in partnership with public health officials. Once contacts have been identified, Campus Health will notify anyone who may have been exposed.

Read more about the university's COVID-19 Mitigation procedures and take a look at Campus Health's Response Procedures for a step-by-step reference on how Campus Health conducts investigation.

Scenario Planning

As part of UofL's preparation for the virus's potential effects on students, faculty and staff, university officials are closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 on campus and in the community. Read the list of key scenarios that could require a quick response and what those potential responses by the university might be.

Travel Guidelines

Domestic and international travel

The university has returned to pre-COVID procedures for domestic travel and has reinstated the Travel Warning Policy for international travel.   

Under the Travel Warning Policy, UofL permits international travel under our traditional procedures (i.e., without an appeal) to locations identified as Level 2 or below on both CDC and State Department advisory lists and locations that allow U.S. citizens to enter. A list of these locations can be found here. Travel to CDC and State Department Level 3 and 4 destinations requires additional steps and considerations. These details are outlined in the international travel procedures and forms on the provost's website. Travel to locations where U.S. citizens are not permitted will be approved only in cases where the traveler is exempt from these regulations.


Travel reminders and resources