Scenario Planning

University of Louisville officials have spent several months preparing for a successful return to campus for our students, faculty and staff. The university will continue to rely on our experts in public health, infectious diseases, epidemiology, environmental health and safety, and occupational medicine – as well as the latest research, best practices and our experience with the continuous operation of UofL hospitals and clinics – to regularly assess our public health measures. The university has contingency plans in place and commits to staying on top of this evolving situation.

Still, there is no absolute prevention of COVID-19 on our campus. As part of our preparation for the virus and its potential effects on our students, faculty and staff, university officials are closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 on campus and in the community and have developed the following, list of events that could require a quick response and what those potential responses by the university might be. (This list is not all-inclusive.)

Key developments

On Campus

  • Significant spike in COVID-related illness across departments, units and residence halls
  • Inability to clean and disinfect classrooms and buildings across campus
  • Employee absenteeism that affects ability to conduct classes, provide student services
  • Personal protective equipment shortages impacting our ability to test and care for COVID-19 patients

In the community

  • Significant action by the governor or other public official (i.e. mandated closure of campuses, schools, etc.)
  • Widespread outbreak in the community
  • Significant, sustained increase in hospital admissions that could affect ability of students to receive proper care

Possible Actions

In response to the triggers mentioned above, the university will make decisions on the course of action to be taken. These could include (again, this is not all-inclusive):

  • Advanced or heightened physical distancing, environmental cleaning
  • Short class suspension, selected building and facility closure to clean/disinfect/contact trace in consultation with local health officials
  • Reduced occupancy in residence halls
  • Closure of selected residence halls
  • Closure of campus for fall semester; move to online-only instruction