2019-2020 EHS Seminars

Date Speaker Affiliation Presentation Title
August 1, 2019      Alex Carll, Ph.D, M.S.P.H.

Institute of Molecular Cardiology

University of Louisville
Acute Effects of E-cigarette Aerosols and Their Constituents on Cardiac Conduction and Autonomic Balance
September 5, 2019       Christine Kim. M.S.

Pharmacology & Toxicology

University of Louisville
Assessing the role of chronic arsenic in disrupting the EGFR signaling axis
October 3, 2019 Matthew Cave, M.D.

Medicine/GI and Pharmacology & Toxicology

University of Louisville
Environmental Liver Disease
November 7, 2019 J. Christopher States, Ph.D.

Pharmacology & Toxicology

University of Louisville
MicroRNA Dysregulation and Chromosome Instability in Arsenic Carcinogenesis
December 5, 2019 Carolyn M. Klinge, Ph.D.

Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

University of Louisville
m6A reader HNRNPA2B1 regulates miRNA processing and tamoxifen-sensitivity in breast cancer cells
January 9, 2020 Jennifer Haruka Toyoda, M.S.        

Pharmacology & Toxicology

University of Louisville
Investigating the Role of Securin in Hexavalent Chromium Carcinogenesis
February 6, 2020 Chendil Damodaran, Ph.D.


University of Louisville
Cadmium-induced prostate carcinogenesis
March 5, 2020 Ke Jian “Jim” Liu, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Science

University of New Mexico
Selective Interaction of Arsenic with Zinc Finger Proteins: mechanism and health effects