March 2021 CIEHS Member Grant Awards

Congratulations to the CIEHS members who had new grants activated/awarded in the month of March 2021!  Below is a list of the new awards.  We are so proud of all the hard work of our CIEHS members.  You truly are making UofL a nationally recognized premier metropolitan research University and promoting interdisciplinary collaborative research in our Center!

PI Name Other Investigator Long Title Sponsor Amount
Srivastava, Sanjay  The role of signaling adaptor protein epsin in atherosclerosis Children's Hospital Boston  $98,280.00
Wise, John Pierce Demonstration Projects, Integrating DNA Profiles, Genomics and Photo-Identification Data Oregon State University  $29,732.00
Bhatnagar, Aruni Rai, Shesh Nath; Yeager, Ray Anthony Linking Sars-CoV-2 Wastewater Concentrations to Community Infection Prevalence Centers for Disease Control $8,665,208.00
Huang, Jiapeng Evaluate Long Term Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Complications after COVID-19 with Point of Care Ultrasound Gilead Foundation $249,982.85
Total New Awards March 2021: $9,043,202.85