November 2022 Notes from the Director

November 2022 Notes from the Director with photo of Dr. States

CIEHS members had many publications and new grants during the past two months. Please see below for the listings. As noted above, CIEHS members and their trainees have received an abundance of awards reflecting the high quality of the research. Congratulations to all!

In addition, there has been some change in CIEHS personnel. Dr. John Wise, Sr. stepped down as Deputy Director to pursue other endeavors as of November 1. We thank him for his service and wish him success. Dr. Matt Cave has taken on the role of Interim Deputy Director pending approval by the External Advisory Committee and NIEHS Program.

Dr. Shesh Rai left UofL and took a position at the University of Cincinnati in August. Drs. Jianmin Pan and Xiaoyang Wu went with him. The Executive Council has appointed Dr. Juw Won Park as the Director of the Biostatistics and Informatics Facility Core, and this appointment was approved by NIEHS Program. Dr. Park has served as a bioinformatics advisor since the CIEHS began and is working on rebuilding the core. Ms. Shilpa Kulkarni is still with us and provides biostatistics analyses.

As noted above, Mr. Caison Black is now the Community Resource Coordinator in the Community Engagement Core. Welcome to Caison!

Thank you to those who contributed to the Trainee Travel Award Fund during the Raise Some L campaign. Those who missed that opportunity can still contribute at any time. Contact Sarah Jump for information on how to make your contribution.

December brings two major events. First is the visit and seminar by Dr. Phoebe Stapleton on December 1. We are looking forward to her seminar on “Exposure to micro- and nanoplastic particles, considerations in a maternal-fetal environment.". Although virtual attendance is available, we hope to see many of you in person.

The second major event is the site visit by our External Advisory Committee December 12 -13. This visit will be the first in-person visit providing an opportunity for the membership to meet our advisors. Many of you have indicated that you will attend the reception on December 12. All are invited to attend the presentations to the Committee on December 13.

In case you are wondering about the photo of me in the header to these notes. I was in Jaipur, India earlier this month for my host visit as part of the Society of Toxicology Global Senior Scholar Exchange Program. The photo was taken after the ceremonial presentations following one of my lectures at the University of Rajasthan.