November 2020 Notes from the Director

Dear Colleagues,


The Center for Integrative Environmental Health Sciences is now operational. The first year of the P30 grant was reduced to 8.5 months, but we hit the ground running on July 15. The seminar program is active and each of the Research Interest Groups has held its first organizational meeting. The Pilot Project Program awarded 4 grants this year. The Integrated Toxicomics and Environmental Measurements Facility Core awarded 5 research vouchers and still has funds to subsidize your environmental health science research. The Integrated Environmental Health Sciences Facility Core will soon issue an RFA for requests for vouchers to subsidize use of the Clinical Trials Unit for human studies. The Career Development Program has initiated and formed a peer mentoring group for junior and early career investigators that meets monthly. The renovations of the CIEHS office on 13th floor of the Research Tower should be complete this week.


CIEHS hired Sarah Jump to update the website and to communicate CIEHS news and accomplishments of members. Highlights are announced on the CIEHS website ( ), so visit often to keep abreast of the accomplishments of CIEHS members. You can follow us on Twitter, Linked-In and/or Facebook if that is more convenient (links on the website). Please send Sarah ( ) news of your accomplishments and/or recognitions so that we can highlight them.


A CIEHS retreat is being organized to gather member input on the state and future of the CIEHS. We polled the membership and December 1 is the date when the most members can attend. Recognizing that inevitably there will be some who cannot attend the retreat, Colleen Quinter scheduled short (15 minute) virtual meetings with each of you so that I can hear your thoughts.  


Stay safe!


Best wishes,