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The Center for Family & Community Well-Being

Our History

The Center for Family and Community Well-Being (CFCWB) was developed to provide an organizational structure at the University that would allow community agency personnel to come together with university faculty and develop joint projects aimed at increasing resources to families and communities in need. The Center has consistently sought to serve our urban community, with particular emphasis on social problems, and vulnerable populations. The Center had a significant role in initiating, developing, implementing and in some cases maintaining a number of nationally recognized programs. Among the nationally recognized programs or models that got their start in the Center are:

  • Neighborhood Places:(Integrated social services model started in Metro Louisville and being replicated in other states).
  • Families in Transition Program:(post-divorce counseling program based out of Jefferson County Family Courts, replicated in other states and countries).
  • Juvenile Sexual Offender Counselor Training Program: (A nationally acclaimed training program that works to reduce child sexual abuse through offender remediation. The program has trained staff in 49 of the states and 12 different countries).
  • Solution Based Casework: (A model of assessment, case planning, and casework management adopted by the Commonwealth of Kentucky to decrease child abuse and neglect, and is now being adopted in multiple other states and countries).

Additional projects have included leadership development in the west end of Louisville and other urban areas of the state, also development of - programs and resources for high risk children in under-served areas, training programs for staff in private child care centers that work with high risk children, and a treatment protocol for the Department of Juvenile Justice, Commonwealth of Kentucky.