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The Center for Family & Community Well-Being

Dr. Crystal Collins-Camargo

CFCWB Board, Professor, Associate Dean for Research, Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisville
Belknap Campus, Oppenheimer 109
(502) 852-3174
PDF documentCollins-Camargo Vita.pdf — PDF document, 287 KB

If we want to improve child welfare practice and outcomes for children and families, we must engage in organizational and systems change in addition to practice change.

 “Our work has illuminated the relationship between public and private child welfare agencies, enabling the field to address management and interagency dynamics issues to promote system reform and collective impact. Our efforts to understand organizational supports and strategies for data-informed decision-making and evidence-informed practice help the field seek positive out-comes for children and families.”

Ph.D. in Social Work

University of Kentucky



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