Brownfields Area Benefits Estimator

Link to Brownfield Assessment Tool (BAT) [BETA VERSION]

Link to Brownfields Tracker [BETA VERSION]

Brownfields Area Benefits Estimator (BABE) Handbook [IN DEVELOPMENT]

Introduction: Who Should Use This Guide?
Part 1 Brownfields Redevelopment

  1. Brownfields 101
  2. Federal Brownfields Programs Overview
  3. State Brownfields Programs (Links to State Programs)
  4. Current Practices
  5. Don't Stop with Community Benefits 

Part 2 Why Community Benefits Matter

  1. To Whom do Benefits Accrue?
  2. Community Based Organizations as Brownfields Redevelopers
  3. Neighborhood Impacts

Part 3 Common Triple Bottom Line

  1. Economic Benefits and Costs
  2. Environmental and Health Risks and Rewards
  3. Social Change and Community Effects

Part 4 Data Collection, Projection, and Tracking

  1. Organizing Secondary Data Collection: National, State, Regional, and Local
  2. Collecting Community Specific Data

Part 5 Community Benefits Assessment Data Collection Tools

  1. How Does BABE Work?
    1. Web Based Desktop Interface (BAT)
    2. Mobile Application and Local Data Collection (Brownfields Tracker)
    3. Using the Data to Make Brownfields Redevelopment Decisions 
  2. BAT Database Framework
    1. System Requirements
    2. Data Integration