Brownfield Area Benefits Estimator Toolkit: Guidebook

This guidebook describes the research, methods, formulas, and assumptions that went into creating the desktop Benefits Analysis Tool (BAT) and the Brownfield Tracker (BT) mobile application. It serves as a resource for those who want to use the BAT and the BT to explore community and neighborhood level impacts associated with redeveloping a brownfield and include community members in building an inventory of sites to consider for brownfield redevelopment programs.

BABE Guidebook Cover PageBrownfield Area Benefits Estimator Toolkit: Guidebook  (download full PDF)

Introduction and Part I: Overview of BABE. (PDF)

Part II: Making the Case for Measuring Community Benefits. (PDF)

Part III: What Types of Impacts Does BABE Examine? (PDF)

Part IV: Behind the Benefits Assessment Tool (BAT) Curtain (PDF)

Part V: Building a Brownfield Inventory (PDF)

Appendices: Brownfield Resources and BAT Technical Details (PDF)