Project Areas

Neighborhood Plans and Land Use Inventories

Understanding land use patterns and housing conditions are an integral part to a community’s ability to implement successful sustainable development plans. Inventories can be used to prioritize spending on projects related to energy efficiency efforts, land conservation, vacant property revitalization, siting of green space, and greener economic development options. They can also be used to leverage additional grant money to respond more efficiently to the needs of the community. Our Center provides technical assistance to communities wishing to conduct these inventories and plans.

Claysburg Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

The Center for Environmental Policy and Management, in partnership with the University of Louisville's City Solutions Center, is facilitating a community-based neighborhood planning process that engages neighborhood residents, businesses, congregations, community organizations, public officials, and other stakeholders in developing a revitalization plan for the Claysburg neighborhood in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  The process includes a series of public meetings to engage participants in identifying economic development opportunities and developing recommendations based on the community's needs and preferences for their neighborhood.  The process is scheduled for completion in Spring 2012.

Jeffersonville Housing Inventory Study
The purpose of the Jeffersonville Housing Inventory Study was to provide a complete inventory of residential structures in the historic city center of Jeffersonville, Indiana. An original housing inventory survey was created for the study by the research team in partnership with Jeffersonville city officials to record the location, exterior condition, and other physical and architectural characteristics of each residential structure. The data from the survey process was then used to create a comprehensive housing database for the city. The property conditions and attributes were then analyzed and mapped to provide the city with a detailed account of housing conditions in historic Jeffersonville.

Rural and Urban Sustainability in Clark County, Indiana

The report examines the agriculture industry, economic development, and land-use practices in Clark County. The study is broken down into six parts: (1) a demographic profile of the people of Clark County to gain a better understanding of population trends and statistics that are directly related to the economy, such as income and jobs; (2) the county’s agricultural industry, including crop and livestock production, revenue and expense, and agri-tourism; (3) an economic analysis and how competitive business and industry in Clark County is when compared to larger regions; (4) a look at what it cost to convert farmland to residential uses, with a focus on utilities, roads, and public services; (5) strategies for farmland preservation which include reusing and redeveloping brownfields, as well as examples of policies and programs that have been successfully implemented across the country; and (6) an analysis of Clark County’s current land use.  This report was produced at the request of Jeffersonville Main Street.