Shiping Hua

Calvin and Helen Lang Distinguished Chair in Asian Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

Shiping Hua, Ph.D. is endowed professor of political science and director of the Asian Studies Program and the University of Louisville.  He came to the United States from China to study political science in 1988.  Prior to arriving at the University of Louisville in 2003, he taught at Eckerd College in Florida for seven years.  Dr. Hua teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Louisville that include Clash of Civilizations; Japan, China and the United States; Comparative Politics; East Asian Politics; Introduction to Asian Studies; The Pacific Century; The People’s Republic of China; and Introduction to Asian Politics.

Hua’s research interests include comparative politics and international history and politics.  He is the general editor of two book series: Asia in the New Millennium, published annually in English with University Press of Kentucky and Contemporary World’s Classics: Political Science Series (translations), with Renmin University of China Press published annually in Chinese. Hua is guest professor with China’s Peking University, Renmin University of China, and Nankai University.

He also has served as president of the Association of Chinese Political Studies Association (2004-2006) and Council Chairman of the United Societies of China Studies (2006-2009). Both were based in the United States.

Hua is the recipient of several awards and honors.  In 2006, he was recognized by Louisville Magazine in their “15 People to Watch” feature and received the “Distinguish Service and Leadership Award” from the Association of Chinese Political Studies. Hua is a member of several prestigious professional organizations including the American Political Science Association, Association of Chinese Professors in Social Science, United Societies of China Studies, and the Crane House.

Hua received his B.A. degree in English Literature from Tianjin Foreign Language Institute in 1982 and his Masters in Journalism from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1986.  He earned his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Hawaii in 1993.