Economic Impact

Private donors match Bucks for Brains funding dollar for dollar, doubling the state's investment and providing incentive for individuals and organizations wishing to invest in the University of Louisville and the future of Kentucky.

As of December 2006, the University of Louisville raised private donations to match all of the dollars appropriated by the General Assembly.

Investment in research attracts additional funding from federal agencies and other organizations.  Since 2001, total federal commitments for research directly attributed to Bucks for Brains faculty at UofL has exceeded $210 million.

Economists estimate that each dollar in federal funding for research generates $2.20 for the local and state economies, boosting the total economic impact of Bucks for Brains at the University of Louisville to more than $462 million since 2001.

Research programs headed by Bucks for Brains faculty create jobs for skilled workers in areas ranging from laboratory technology and information technology to healthcare and administrative support.

Discoveries made through research translate directly into business opportunities.  At the University of Louisville, Bucks for Brains has led to spinoff companies focusing on new treatments for cancer, vaccine development and diagnostic testing.