Quality of Life

Local Economy

Bucks for Brains faculty are helping Kentucky businesses, consumers and workers by:

  • Creating technology-based jobs and expanding Kentucky's knowledge economy
  • Helping Kentucky companies improve their effectiveness in competitive markets
  • Developing cost effective ways to get products to consumers through improved logistics and supply-chain management
  • Keeping abreast of new developments in leadership, intellectual property law and health policy
  • Providing expertise in emerging fields such as bioengineering, nanotechnology, proteomics and molecular medicine

Kentucky's Youth

Bucks for Brains researchers are finding new ways to help Kentucky's children by:

  • Helping health care providers recognize child abuse
  • Understanding how children learn and inventing new methods of teaching
  • Seeking innovative ways to enhance development of our communities
  • Decreasing the negative impact of tobacco-based diseases
  • Improving the treatment of pediatric sleep disorders and diabetes
  • Developing pediatric heart devices
  • Finding the cause of pediatric eye tumors

For all of us

Bucks for Brains researchers and faculty are improving health care of Kentucky's citizens by:

  • Finding new treatments for spinal cord injury
  • Developing more new cancer drugs than any other research center in the country
  • Inventing new devices and therapies to treat heart disease and repair congenital heart defects
  • Helping health care providers better serve our aging population
  • Developing new vaccines that protect against emerging diseases with fewer side effects
  • Creating and testing new therapies for saving people's sight from the ravages of eye disease
  • Understanding the relationship between oral health and overall health
  • Discovering the links between genetic factors and environmental exposures that lead to disease