Biol 203: Science Information Literacy & Oral Communication - OC (spring)

This Cardinal Core course aims to improve oral communication skills that transfer across disciplines; to fulfill a general education oral communication requirement with a course that has science-intensive content; to improve student skills in critically assessing scientific claims; and to introduce students early in their programs to work of potential research mentors.

Biol 512/612: Endocrinology/Advanced Endocrinology (fall)

Endocrinology, cross listed for seniors (512) and graduate students (612), explores the vertebrate endocrine system. Topics include basic signaling pathways, positive & negative feedback, hormones & immune system function, osmoregulation, growth, metabolism, stress, and reproduction.

Biol 242: Diversity of Life (intro biology for majors, fall & spring)

I participate in team teaching this course, along with another instructor. My lectures cover systems biology (endocrine, reproductive, nervous, immune, skeletal, muscular, etc).