Biology Seminars

Fall 2016 Seminar Series: Department of Biology


Unless otherwise indicated, seminars will be in 139 Shumaker Research Building on Fridays at noon.


September 9 -  Dr. Catherine Linnen,  University of Kentucky. "From mutations to species: causes and consequences of host use variation in pine sawflies."  Host: Chris Frost

September 16 - Dr. Sunni Carr, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.  "Managing Kentucky's wildlife diversity: mission critical." Host: Steve Yanoviak.

September 23 (Chao Auditorium) - Dr. David Hayes, Eastern Kentucky University. "From water sample to taxa list: prospects and challenges of using eDNA and metabarcoding to inventory freshwater biodiversity."  Host: Sarah Emery

September 29 (Thursday, in LS 225) - Dr. Raymond J. St. Leger, University of Maryland. Guest lecture for Biotechnology Methods course.  Visitors should contact Dr. Perlin regarding presentation time.  Brown and Williamson speaker.  Host: Mike Perlin

September 30 - Dr. Raymond J. St. Leger, University of Maryland. "Using transgenic fungi to control arthropod-borne pests."  Brown and Williamson speaker.  Host: Mike Perlin

October 7 - Dr. Lynne Rieske-Kinney, University of Kentucky. "A sustainable approach for managing the emerald ash borer, an aggressive forest and urban invader." Host: Margaret Carreiro

October 14 -  Dr. Stefan Schnitzer, Marquette University. "The maintenance of plant species diversity in tropical forests." Host: Steve Yanoviak

October 28 - Dr. Yinan Wei, University of Kentucky.  "Assembling of a homo-oligomeric protein in the cell membrane." Host: Mark Running

November 4 - Reserved due to Kentucky Academy of Sciences meeting.

November 10 (Thursday, 4PM in Chao Auditorium) - Dr. George Weiblen, University of Minnesota. "Biodiversity discovery on the rainforest frontier." Host: Mark Running

November 11  - Dr. George Weiblen, University of Minnesota. "The coevolutionary microcosm: plants, pollinators, and parasites."  Host: Mark Running

November 18 (Chao Auditorium) -  Dr. Wayne Zipperer, USDA Forest Service. Cancelled.

December 2 - Dr. Roberta Challener, Bellarmine University.  "Ocean acidification and sea urchins."  Host: Steve Yanoviak