Biology Seminars

Fall 2017 Seminar Series: Department of Biology


Unless otherwise indicated, seminars will be in 139 Shumaker Research Building on Fridays at noon.


September 1: Dr. Yujuan Chen, Virginia Tech University. "Trees, Soils, and Cities in the Changing Environment from an International Perspective." Host: Dr. Margaret Carreiro.

September 8: Dr. Sarah Emery, University of Louisville.  "Ecological consequences of symbiotic fungal associations with dominant plants."  Promotion seminar.

September 15: Dr. Steve Yanoviak, University of Louisville. "Hot and Flashy – Abiotic extremes and their biotic consequences in the rainforest canopy." Promotion seminar.

September 22:  Dr. Sona Pandey,  Danforth Center, St. Louis. Host: Dr. Mark Running.

September 29: Dr. Ann Rypstra,  Miami of Ohio University. "Fear, confusion, and sex: a spider's life in an agroecosystem." Host: Dr. Steve Yanoviak.

October 6: Dr. Shizuka Uchida, University of Louisville, Cardiovascular Innovation  Institute.  Host: Dr. Michael Menze. 

October 13 [Chao Auditorium]: Dr. Jonathan Warawa, University of Louisville, Department of Microbiology and Immunology. Host; Dr. Debbie Yoder-Himes.

October 20: Dr. Adam Boyko, Cornell University, Brown and Williamson Distinguished Lecture. Host: Dr. Michael Perlin.

October 27: Dr. Christopher Frost, University of Louisville.  

November 3 [Chao Auditorium]: Dr. Jonathan Kopecheck, University of Louisville, Speed School.  Host Dr. Michael Menze.

November 10: Bruce Schulte, Western Kentucky University.  "Elephant Communication and Conservation". Host: Dr. Sarah Emery.

November 17: Dr. Deborah Yoder-Himes, University of Louisville.  "Understanding bacterial interactions in polymicrobial biofilms."

December 1:  Dr. Luke Moe, University of Kentucky. Host: Dr. Mark Running