Biology Seminars

Fall 2023 Seminar Series: Department of Biology


Unless otherwise indicated, seminars will be in 139 Shumaker Research Building on Fridays at noon.Image of backlit fall leaves.

August 25:  Dr. Rafael Demarco and Dr. Matthew Kolmann, University of Louisville. "Lipid mediated regulation of adult stem cell behavior" and "Investigating the tempo + mode of evolution in the most diverse vertebrates." Hosts: Dr. Demarco and Dr. Kolmann.

September 1: Dr. Seth DeBolt, University of Kentucky. "Applied to basic research in the James B. Beam Institute for Kentucky Spirits."  Host: Dr. Mark Running.

September 8: Dr. Julian DuPuis, University of Kentucky. "Fighting invasive flies with genomics-fueled fire: multifaceted molecular diagnostic tools for tephritid pests." Host: Dr. Alycia Lackey.

September 15: Dr. Hua Bai, Iowa State University.  "Metabolic regulation of aging: From inter-organ communication to inter-organelle cross-talk." Host: Dr. Dae-Sung Hwangbo.

September 22: Dr. Andrew Gregory, University of North Texas. "Cows, Chickens, Chile, and Chachalacas: from biocultural homogenization to conservation in the Necrocene." Host: Dr. Rachel Pigg.

September 29: Dr. Irving Joshua, University of Louisville. "Planning for Careers in Biomedical Sciences." Host: Dr. Samiyyah Sledge.

October 13: Dr. Doug Harrison, University of Kentucky. Title TBD. Host: Dr. Rafael Demarco.

October 20: Dr. Anny Chung, University of Georgia. Title TBD. Host: Dr. Natalie Christian.

October 27 [Scheduled for Ekstrom 104]: Dr. Chastity Bradford, Tuskegee University. Title TBD. Host: Dr. Mark Running.

November 3: Dr. Lily Hughes, North Carolina State Museum of Natural History. Title TBD. Host: Dr. Matthew Kolmann.

November 10:  Dr. Mariano Loza-Coll, California State University Northridge. Title TBD. Host: Dr. Rafael Demarco.

November 17: Dr. Theresa Clark, University of Minnesota,  Host: Dr. Linda Fuselier.

December 1:  Biology Graduate Students.  Titles TBD.  Host: BGSA.