Research Opportunities

The Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies allows you to learn more about the peoples of China, India, and Japan from the perspectives of art history, geography, history, religious studies, political science, sociology, and theatre arts. The fifteen-hour program may be completed as a “stand alone” program, or in conjunction with other graduate programs, for example the MA in History or Political Science, or the PhD in Art History or Humanities.

Graduate students in our Graduate Certificate program have the opportunity to work with faculty who enjoy international reputation. The Program is strong in:

* Anthropology in East Asia (Andrew Zhao)

* Art and Art History in East Asia (Moon-he Baik, Ying KitChan, Delin Lai)

* Chinese language and literature (Li Zeng)

* Communication in East Asia (Margaret D’Silva)

* Economics in East Asia (Nan-ting Chou)

* Geography and geo-sciences in East Asia (Wei Song, Haifeng Zhang)

* History in East Asia and South Asia (Yuxin Ma, John McLeod)

* Humanities in South Asia (Patrick Pranke)

* Justice administration in Asia (Michael Losavio)

* Politics in Central Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia (Jason Abbott, Kristopher Grady, Shiping Hua, Charles Ziegler)

Click here for a full list of faculty and research interests.

For more information on our Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies, please contact Dr. Shiping Hua.502.852.3305.