Faculty and staff

UofL faculty and staff affiliated with AMIST

Academic Faculty Department

Dr. Thomas Berfield

Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Li Yang
Industrial Engineering

Dr. Gerald Grant
(Assistant Director)

Dental Rehab
Support Staff
Justin D Gillham Coordinator, AMIST Core Technical Services
Cody Bishop Technical Specialist
Teresa B Rohr Administrative Specialist, AMIST
Associated Faculty
Dr. Amir Amini Bioengineering
Dr. Bikram Bhatia Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Yanyu Chen Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Kevin Chou Industrial Engineering
Dr. Gerald Grant Dentistry
Dr. Gautam Gupta Chemical Engineering
Dr. Kunal Kate Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Yongsheng Lian Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Badri Narayanan Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Tommy Roussel Bioengineering
Dr. Ehsan Saghaian Industrial Engineering
Dr. Thomas Starr Chemical Engineering
Dr. Alireza Tofangchi Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Michael Voor School of Medicine
Dr. Kevin Walsh Electrical & Computer Engineering
Dr. Stu Williams Physiology & Biophysics
Cardiovascular Innovation Institute
Research Staff Affiliation
Dr. Thad Druffel Conn Center
Dr. Roshan Mishra Conn Center
Dr. Jagganadh Satyavolu Conn Center