The AAPI FSA wishes to thank all those who attended or helped promote our AAPI Heritage Week keynote event.

Here is a report of our Heritage Week, and here are some pictures of our keynote event.

The feedback on the keynote speech was resoundingly positive. Sharri Wallace, who is a Professor of Political Science and Interim Associate Dean for Diversity and Equity in A&S, said immediately after the finish of the lecture, “That was the best lecture on Asian American History I have ever heard!” Our Heritage Week couldn’t have been such a success without your support.

If you missed the AAPI FSA Heritage Week, you can watch the keynote lecture on Youtube at the link below. The keynote offers an exploration of the history of Asians in America presented by Brown University Professor of History, American Studies, and Ethnic Studies, Dr. Evelyn Hu-DeHart.

Here's the link, if you wish to watch the recording for this event: "Black or White or Yellow?  How Asians are Racialized in America."

For the mental health panel, here's the link, if you wish to watch the recording.


Here's the link, If you wish to watch the recording for this event.


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