Technology, Demographics & Engagement Committee

The Technology, Demographics, and Engagement Committee is charged with examining four critical questions and issues facing the University:

  • What is the appropriate role and use of technology and on-line learning at the University of Louisville over the next 10 years?
  • What is the appropriate size and composition of student enrollment (including professional, undergraduate and graduate) at the University of Louisville over the next 10 years, paying special attention to a changing, more diverse demographic?
  • What is the appropriate size, composition and role of international programs and initiatives at the University of Louisville over the next 10 years?
  • What is the role of "engagement" as it pertains to the teaching/learning environment at UofL?

Four subcommittees (among others determined by the committee) will report to the committee.

  • Technology/On-Line Subcommittee
  • Enrollment Subcommittee
  • International Subcommittee
  • Engagement Subcommittee

Core Members

  • Marcia Hern, Dean, Nursing, CHAIR
  • Larry Benz, TrusteeHenry Heuser, BOO
  • Henry Heuser, BOO
  • Dale Billingsley, Vice Provost, Undergraduate Affairs and English, A&S Faculty
  • Dan Hall, VPCE
  • Tracy K'Meyer, Chair, History, A&S Faculty
  • Bruce Alphenaar, Elec. Eng., SSE, Faculty Senate, CEHD Faculty
  • Chad Frederick, Graduate Student
  • Ben Weyman, Student
  • Ginger Brown, Justice Administration, A&S, Staff Senate
  • Anita Moorman, HPES, CEHD Faculty

Advisory Groups

Technology/On-Line Subcommittee

  • Gale Rhodes, Associate Provost, Delphi Center, CHAIR
  • Al Futrell, Chair, Communication, A&S, Faculty Senate
  • Kristen Brown, Delphi
  • Andrew Wright, CIS, COB Faculty
  • Tom Simmons, T&L, CEHD, Faculty Senate
  • Michael Keibler, Medicine Staff
  • Deborah Keeling, Justice Admin., A&S Faculty
  • Pritesh Prakash, Graduate Student
  • Joe Dablow, Undergraduate Affairs
  • Timothy Lau, Graduate Student
  • W. David Lohr, Pediatrics, Medicine Faculty

Enrollment Subcommittee

  • Jenny Sawyer, Admissions, CHAIR
  • Stephanie Salings, Enrollment Management, Staff Senate
  • Angela Napier, Kent School, Staff Senate
  • Michael Abboud, Financial Aid
  • David Powers, ULtra
  • Margaret Pentecost, Dean's Office, CEHD
  • Paul DeMarco, SIGS, Faculty
  • Connor Tracy, Student
  • Scott Burks, Registrar
  • Michael Day, SSE Faculty

International Subcommittee

  • Mordean Taylor-Archer, Vice Provost, Diversity/International Affairs, CHAIR
  • Shiping Hua, Asian Studies, A&S Faculty
  • Daya Sandhu, CEHD Faculty and Int'l Center
  • Elizabeth Liebschutz, COB Staff
  • Diane Pecknold, A&S Faculty
  • Nefertiti Burton, A&S Faculty
  • Virginia Hosono, International Center
  • Anne Griner, IESL, A&S
  • Gloria Pressley-McGruder, Medicine Staff
  • Ashley Gray, International Center

Staff Engagement Subcommittee

  • Vicki Hines Martin, Nursing Faculty and VP Community Engagement, CHAIR
  • Matt Real, Career Center
  • Karen Christopher, WGST, A&S Faculty
  • Lisa Blum, COB Faculty
  • Muriel Harris, Health Promotions, SPHIS Faculty
  • Anna Faul, Kent School Faculty
  • Leslye Erickson, Career Services
  • Nisha Gupta, i2a Engagement Specialist
  • Brian Shelangoski, Housing, VPSA
  • Linda J. Wilson, VPHR
  • Erica Wiley, Graduate Student