21st Century University

The 21st Century initiative spanned 2015-2018. Learn about our 2019-2022 strategic plan.

The University of Louisville has embarked on a campus-wide process to position itself to meet our 2020 goals and to better serve our students and the community for decades to come.

This effort, which we are calling the 21st Century University Initiative, is a years-long process that began with an exploration of our strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Once we  established where we were, we began to craft a vision of our future. We then developed a plan for the future and began implementing it.

Many of the steps have been completed. Others are ongoing. Still others are about to be implemented.

Along the way, we have involved students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends to ensure that the process is inclusive, collaborative and transparent.

We welcome you to look at the plan, check out our goals and see the progress we have made and are continuing to make.

UofL is poised to reach its state-mandated goal of becoming a premier metropolitan research university. The 21st Century Initiative is helping us get there.