The diversity mission of the School of Public Health and Information Sciences is to create an environment in which each person can achieve his or her full potential independent of race/ethnicity, gender, age, disabilities, sexual orientation or religion, beliefs, or absence thereof.

The school holds that diversity encompasses:

Human diversity, characterized by physical appearance, personal characteristics, life experiences and preferences.
Cultural diversity, characterized by beliefs, attitudes, values, customs, history, geography and norms.
Research, teaching and service diversity, characterized by academic preparation, theoretical approaches and community based applications.

The school aims to build a diverse community that is both nurturing and challenging with a philosophy of diversity based on the respect for one another and recognition that each person brings unique attributes, talents and contributions to the school.

Muriel Harris, PhD, is the school's Diversity Officer and chairs the Diversity Committee.

Click here to view PDFs of the Diversity Policy and Procedures.

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The HSC Diversity Newsletter is published monthly.

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