Value Statements

Last updated: Feb. 2020

The UofL SPHIS community aspires to create a culture that fosters the following:

Advocacy: We inform and support changes to structural factors such as laws, regulations, policies, and institutional practices to improve public health and healthcare systems, especially for marginalized populations. We create and advocate for services, funding, and policies to support the success and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. Through these efforts, we strive to achieve equitable opportunities and outcomes across all groups.

Collaboration & Partnership: We actively work with communities, across sectors, and among disciplines for the benefit of all people.  We seek to build authentic and mutually beneficial relationships that value the expertise of all partners while sharing ownership and decision-making.

Cultural Humility: We are committed to ongoing self-reflection and discovery to identify our cultural biases and improve our understanding of the cultural identities that are most important to others. We acknowledge that this process works best when we listen, are open-minded, and desire to fix power imbalances.

Equity & Inclusion: Recognizing that advantages and barriers exist and that we do not all start from the same place, we cultivate an environment where everyone is safe, welcome, valued, and has access to the same opportunities.

Inquiry: Inquiry is at the foundation of how we teach, how we learn, how we research, and how we work with the community. We stay curious and open-minded. We engage in iterative questioning instead of seeking simplistic solutions. Our study designs apply rigorous and innovative scientific methods. We are systematic in our approach to problem-solving. We share findings and results with our professional colleagues, partners, community members, and others who may benefit.

Respect: We respect each other’s humanity and dignity, regardless of position, identity, or social status. We also respect the right to differing positions and opinions.

Stewardship & Accountability: We acknowledge our moral obligation to use resources to achieve the greatest good. In doing so, we value efficiency, effectiveness, and data-driven decisions. Every person is responsible for ethical and judicious management of financial resources. We honor our commitments and own our mistakes.

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