Accelerated MPH Program

Undergraduates interested in pursuing the Accelerated Master of Public Health (MPH) program option must be enrolled in our Bachelor of Arts (BA) in public health program, have a minimum of 75 credit hours completed by August 2019, and have a minimum GPA of 3.25  The accelerated curriculum allows students to take up to 15 credit hours of the MPH core course work during their undergraduate studies. The 15 graduate credits will count towards the completion of both the BA and MPH degrees. Students are asked to select one of the MPH concentrations available in the Accelerated MPH Program: (1) Epidemiology, (2) Health Promotion & Behavior, (3) Global public health with an emphasis in maternal and child health. It is acceptable to be “undecided” upon entry to the program. 


  • Current BA in Public Health student
  • Completed 75 credit hours by Aug. 2019
  • Minimum GPA of 3.25


Any student meeting the criteria, are required to submit a petition form and a letter of recommendation. The recommendation preferably from a UofL faculty member, must speak to your academic abilities. Students applying to the epidemiology concentration will be required to have a strong quantitative background. ACT score, math placement score, and MATH 111 or higher course will be considered. Upon receipt of the petition and the letter of recommendation, the MPH program director and a representative from the desired concentration will schedule an interview with the student.


Approval Process

Students who meet all criteria and complete the requirement checklist will be notified regarding their status via email. Please note that there will be additional graduate admission requirements pending receipt of the student’s baccalaureate degree. Program staff will work assist students with these additional steps.


Click here to view a PDF of the Accelerated MPH curriculum.
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