Password Security Tips

Password security tips:

University password must be between 8 -16 characters, longer passwords are more secure. Try to make your password as close to 16 characters as possible.

Tip: use a slogan, song lyric, or familiar jingle to make it easy to remember, then use only the first letter for each word in the jingle. See examples:

Commercial Jingle: 6527tbP0wuiFiyc! - Random numbers – the best part of (zero for o) waking up is Folgers in your cup –special character on the end. Character length = 16

Song Lyric: 0427$0+d0tbwttr@ - Random numbers – ($ for Sitting) on (zero for o) the (plus sign for t) dock of the bay watching the tide roll away (@ for a). Character length = 16.

Commercial Jingle: 9=i@$0BbcBi$0m!^ - Random number and equal symbol, “I am (@ for a) stuck (used $ for S) on (zero for o) Band-Aid brand cause Band-Aid is stuck ($ for S) on me! (Additional ^ special character added to end). Character length = 16

  • Unique account, unique password, no password recycling. Always use separate passwords for separate systems. It is common for social media to have their password files hacked, and published online. Passwords are one of your best defenses against a hacker so it is best to keep them separate.
  • Using password app’s on your phone can help you keep up with your passwords; well-known apps include “LastPass, or KeePass”.
  • Set your password challenge questions so that you can reset your own passwords. Keep the answers simple, all lower case letters and one-word answers. Do not take the questions too literally, if the question is “Who is your favorite teacher” make the answer a current friend that is a teacher. Make sure answers are not easily guessed or known by family, friends, spouses or significant others.