Xerox Multifunction Device Security

*Disclaimer: The following information is true for Xerox copiers purchased through the IT Copy Management program.  Non-Xerox copiers or those purchased elsewhere may not utilize these security controls.

  1. All Xerox hard drives are encrypted. However, not all Xerox Copy/Printers have hard drives in them.
  2. All network printers that contain hard drives also have firewalls around them.
  3. The default settings for these machines include an image over write which occurs every night.
  4. All hard drives are wiped when they are removed.
  5. Xerox destroys each drive when it “leaves the University”.
  6. Although somewhat complex, default security settings can be modified.  Changes to default security settings require the notification of IT and the Information Security Office as well as completion of a security exception request.
  7. Validation of security settings can be accomplished by contacting Will Barnett, IT Copier Management Program and providing the copier/printer location.