Welcome to the iRAP Laboratory

The Injury Risk Assessment and Prevention (iRAP) Laboratory is a multi-disciplinary laboratory that conducts state-of-the-art research through the application of engineering and medical principles to real world and clinical problems in the areas of child abuse, pediatric falls, wheelchair transportation safety and rehabilitation.  Biomechanical analysis is used to study pediatric falls to gain an improved understanding of injury risk to aid clinicians in distinguishing between inflicted and non-inflicted injuries. In the area of wheelchair transportation safety, investigators utilize computer modeling and sled impact testing to gain and understanding of injury risk when using a wheelchair as a motor vehicle seat.  These same techniques are used to understand crash loading patterns on wheelchairs and to improve wheelchair designs so that they are safe under crash conditions.  Investigators also study the epidemiology of wheelchair incidents and difficulties on public transit buses and para-transit vehicles. iRAP investigators also study the effects of rehabilitation on patients who have undergone hip arthroplasty and more recently have included investigation of the effects of canine rehabilitation.  Through these studies and the multidisciplinary lab environment, research training is provided to engineering students, medical residents, fellows and post-docs.

ATD being prepared for feet first drop testATD in sled test setupDog being prepped for motion capture for gait analysis