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Pan African Graduate Student Association (PGSA)

The Pan-African Graduate Student Association (PGSA) is a student-based, Recognized Student Organization (RSO) at the University of Louisville. The purpose of PGSA is to promote the academic and professional development of Pan-African Studies students and to promote the field of Pan-African studies. We collaborate with the Department of Pan-African Studies and ask to be kept abreast of issues arising in the Department, while also keeping the Department aware of what we do. One of the main benefits of being a member is the opportunity to network, providing a professional foundation for future the career endeavors of PAS graduates. We further assist each other academically and socially by creating relationships that foster in many areas outside of academia.  PGSA Officers are graduate student assistants and can be found in the Department of Pan-African Studies or reached via the email addresses below.


PGSA Officers 2012-2013

Traveshia Bass

Vice President
Shelby Pumphrey

Rachel Spears

Shantia Gully
Natasacha Jones
Graudate Student Council Representative
Matthew Simmons

Graudate Student Union Representative
Megan Pavageau

PGSA Members 2012-2013 Committee Chairs

Events Chair- Megan Pavageau
Events Co-Chair Quaniqua Carthan

Community Outreach Chair- Quaniqua Carthan

Hospitality Chair- Nia Boyd
Hospitality Co-Chair- Schetauna Powell

Fundraising Chair- Shannon Spears


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