The University of Louisville is committed to providing tools and information that lead to measurable performance improvement, increased job satisfaction, personal development, and positive morale for faculty and staff.  Every semester, Human Resources offers professional development programs that are free to any employee.  See the descriptions below and click "REGISTER" to sign-up and attend.  E-mail with any questions.


Conflict Resolution

August 30, 2-3:30pm

Presented by: Rodney Brannon, MSSW

Human Resources Training Room

Conflict on the job is a universal phenomenon and if left unchecked can have a destructive effect on productivity, teamwork and morale.  Depending on how conflict is addressed alters the outcome significantly between constructive conflict resolutions to continuing disputes.  Dispelling the fear and discomfort people often feel when observing or being part of a conflict, this workshop focuses on ways to turn conflict into productive energy and navigate conflict effectively.

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Leadership for Employees

September 15, 11-12:30pm

Presented by: Cassandra Gray, MS, LCADC, MFTA

Human Resources Training Room

Are you interested in advancing to become a leader in your workplace?  This workshop will teach participants how to be the best versions of themselves and how to maneuver into a position for greater opportunities through a series of thought-provoking and idea-generating activities. They will gain a better understanding of the qualities one needs to be a leader in and out of the workplace.  Explore and harness your own strengths as it relates to communication styles, professionalism and decision making strategies.

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Qualities of an Effective Supervisor

September 26, 3-4:30pm

Presented By: Rodney Brannon, MSSW

Human Resources Training Room

Becoming a supervisor can be an exciting and intimidating proposition.  Our training brings best practices and a better understanding of the qualities one needs to be an effective supervisor.  Appropriate for new and more seasoned supervisors, this workshop provides participants with an opportunity to explore their strengths and opportunities for development around decision making, professionalism, conflict resolution strategies and communication styles.

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Safe Zone I Training

October 12, 10am-12pm

Presented By: Katy Garrison from LGBT Center

Human Resources Training Room

Have you ever wanted to know more about the LGBT community? Join us for our Safe Zone 1 Ally training offered by the LGBT Center! During this 2 hour training, you will get the opportunity to hear from LGBT students about their personal lived experiences, learn about issues that impact LGBT people in our community, and self-reflect on what actions you can take as an Ally to help improve the lives of LGBT people. Each participant will receive a training packet full of resources, as well as an official Safe Zone Ally sticker to display in their work space.  Everyone has something to learn, and in this safe environment all ideas and opinions are welcome. Please join us! For more information about Safe Zone training contact Katy Garrison at

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Motivation Techniques

October 25, 9-10:30am

Presented By:Cassandra Gray, MS, LCADC, MFTA

Human Resources Training Room

Having trouble staying motivated? Keeping others motivated? Participants of this workshop will learn what keeps them motivated and how to maintain and nurture that drive.  Is extrinsic or intrinsic motivation more effective for you and your employees?  Attendees will learn skills such as overcoming procrastination, filtering negative and cynical thoughts, and leaving the “comfort zone” in order to make daily living more challenging and, therefore, more exciting. Stay motivated and keep others going, as well. Learn how to increase workplace productivity and even how to apply it in other settings.

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Making Meetings Matter – How to Plan, Lead & Attend the Meetings that Matter Most

November 1, 2-3:30pm

Presented By:Whitney Bishop, Consultant/Trainer/Change Agent

Human Resources Training Room

Leveraging lessons from the field, your own experiences and some of the best resources on effective meeting management, this interactive and engaging session will transform the way you plan, lead and attend meetings.  Get ready to gain valuable insights and TIME by making a difference in the way you meet.  You will learn:Mindsets & Mantras for Meeting Success, Critical Elements of a Meeting Cycle, Meeting Mayhem - Dealing with Dysfunction, Creating a Culture of Accountability, Managing Energy in the Room, Leveraging the power of the group, Problem Solving & Decision Making frameworks.

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Emotional Well-Being

December 6, 11-12:30pm

Presented By:Cassandra Gray, MS, LCADC, MFTA

Human Resources Training Room

Employees and leaders who have a greater sense of emotional well-being make better employees and leaders.  This workshop provides a holistic view of all the elements of a person’s life and encourages them to explore their level of satisfaction, identify areas to focus on to increase their sense of well-being, as well as ideas for incorporating ease and grace into their lives.

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**During the hours of our workshops, parking is extremely limited.  Available parking is permitted for Belknap employees with blue passes and up, in spaces marked with a purple square only.  If you are a HSC employee, parking is permitted for green and up.