About Find Your Fit

About Find Your Fit

You can learn more about the Find Your Fit (FYF) project and the QEP seminar at the heart of the project in the documents provided below.

Two sections of the new QEP seminar, ECPY 302: Personal and Academic Inquiry, will be offered during the two pilot semesters in spring 2018 and fall 2018. Kiki Petrosino from the Department of English and Shelley Thomas from the Department of Middle and Secondary Education are the faculty members who are teaching the seminar sections in the upcoming fall 2018 semester. Students who are interested in enrolling in the seminars, or to learn more information, can read about the fall seminars here and contact director of Student Success Advising Katie Adamchik at Katie.adamchik@louisville.edu. Mary Ashlock from the Department of Communication and Eileen Estes from Department of Counseling and Human Development served as the lead faculty members for the two pilot sections of the course in spring 2018. The number of offerings of the FYF seminar will be scaled up over the five-year course of the QEP between 2017 and 2022. During this implementation phase, the project and the seminar will evolve and change in response to assessment data, lessons learned, and feedback from students, faculty and staff.

Find Your Fit Implementation Committee

The campus-wide QEP Development Committee completed its work in fashioning the Find Your Fit proposal after the successful SACSCOC on-site visit in March 2018.

A new campus-wide committee, called the QEP Implementation Committee, will launch in fall 2018 in order to help steer the direction of the Find Your Fit initiative and to ensure there is regular communication and updates with the campus community about the QEP as it progresses.

Individuals interested in getting involved in the QEP Implementation Committee can indicate their interest by sending an email to FindYourFit@louisville.edu.

Find Your Fit Assessment

Read about the assessment plan for the FYF project.