Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute

The Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute engages researchers and citizen scientists to learn how our natural, social, and personal environments impact health. We use a multidimensional model of health to explore and understand the relationships between the environment and human health. 

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We Value Diversity and Inclusion

The Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute celebrates diversity in all its forms. We are proud to have some of the the best scientists from around the world helping us to explore and understand the complex relationships between human health and our external environmental conditions. We are not bound by borders or the the ways people categorize or group themselves because our environment affects us all equally as humans. The practice of science is a discussion and we value the richness multiple, varied voices can bring to our conversations.

What is the Envirome?

The human envirome is made up of all of the environmental conditions that affect us. It is an interactive set of three domains - our natural, social, and personal environments. We explore how and why environmental conditions in each domain support health or cause disease.   

The Envirome

Sustain Magazine

Sustain Magazine is an educational resource that shares stories, strategies, and solutions from environmental health research about innovative and immerging development practices that mitigate and improve the human health consequences of unsustainable development. You can browse all the past issues here

The 40th issue focuses on the work of the Superfund Research Center at the Envirome Institute. Read it here


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Research Projects

Green Heart: discovering how air pollution affects heart disease

Tobacco Addiction: studying the health effects of new and existing tobacco products

Diabetes and Obesity: discovering new ways to prevent and treat diabetes and obesity

Superfund Toxic Waste Sites: studying how chemical exposure affects risk of developing chronic diseases


Support the Envirome’s transdisciplinary team of researchers as they develop new approaches to promoting and preserving human health, increasing the understanding that healthy air, water and soil are keys to the health of all life. Make a donation online or schedule an appointment with our .