Disability Advocacy Program

Disability Resource Center: recognizing disability, emphasizing possibility with accessible icons

The Disability Advocacy Program promotes understanding and awareness about disabilities on our campus. We hope that with greater awareness we can create a more inclusive environment for persons with disabilities at the University of Louisville. Help us to recognize disability and emphasize possibility!

Disability Advocacy 101

This online module designed for students, faculty, and staff takes you through some of the basics of being an advocate for persons with disabilities. Learn some strategies for recognizing and reducing barriers for persons with disabilities on our campus and how to incorporate Universal Design into events you host.
Disability Advocacy 101 Module PDF

Faculty Advocacy

This online module designed specifically for faculty covers some of the responsibilities faculty have in providing access to students with disabilities. Learn more about working with the DRC and how incorporation of Universal Design for Instruction in your course preparation can make things more accessible for all.
Faculty Advocacy Module PDF

Disability Advocate List

Some of our Disability Advocacy Program participants have agreed to have their names added to our ongoing list of advocates. The following individuals have shown their commitment to students with disabilities by completing at least one of the Disability Advocacy Program modules. Individuals with asterisks (*) after their names have completed the Faculty Advocacy module.

Faculty & Staff Advocates

Arts & Sciences Advising

Danielle Dolan
Marissa Williams
Meagan West
Michelle Henderson

Arts & Sciences Dean's Office for International, Diversity, & Engagement Programs

Marian R. Vassar

Brown Cancer Center

Erin Osborne

Dean of Students Office

Angela B. Taylor
Geri Morgan

Disability Resource Center

Cathy Patus
Colleen Gettys
Robert Blake
Teresa Fisher

School of Nursing

Shaun Sowell

School of Public Health & Information Sciences Dean's Office

Tammi Alvey Thomas

Speed School of Engineering

Ally Miller
Ken O'Hara
Natalie Oliner

University Honors Program

Katherine Rucker

Student Advocates

Ashley Brainer
Caitlin Graham
Dominique Colas
Eddy Watson
Eric Cutler

A&S Peer Advisors

Aaron Vance
Alex Helbling
Allie Funk
Benjamin Coffman
Bridgette Hildreth
Brooke O'Mara
Corey Feger
Devon Cox
Jessica Williams
Lauren Curtis
Magen Copher
Natalie Shields
Sabine Eid
Sarah Baer
Tylar Setser
Zach Adams

Want your name on the list? Complete a module of the Disability Advocacy Program.

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