Multimedia Services

The Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning offers a variety of services to faculty members through its Multimedia Services department. Services include:

  • Document, photo and slide scanning
  • Video conversion (to DVD or to digital for online use)
  • Video and sound recording for course-related materials
  • Podcasting/vodcasting

Copyright Statement

Copyright law protects nearly all of the learning materials and resources used in this course and prohibits further distribution and dissemination of them. These materials and resources are provided solely for use by students enrolled in the course, and those students are solely responsible for complying with copyright law. Further information about copyright is available from the Copyright Guidelines and Resources website.


A new offering from the Delphi Center, podcasting, is an innovative way to deliver audio content to students. Although geared for iPod and other MP3 users, the technology works equally well on computers. Using Apple's iTunes, a free audio player available for Mac and Windows, students can subscribe to a class podcast. The podcast will automatically update whenever new content is available; for students using an MP3 player, the new content will be copied to the player when it is connected to the computer. However, it is important to know podcasting is not limited to iPods or iTunes. Students can use a variety of "aggregators" to subscribe to the podcast feeds, and can use them with almost any MP3 player. For students without an MP3 player, the podcast files are simple MP3 files that can be played on the computer or copied to a CD.

Videocasting is an expansion of podcasting where video files can also be added to the feed. It's a great way to keep students up-to-date on new content — once they have subscribed to the podcast, they don't have to return to Blackboard to check for new content. It will be downloaded automatically and can be played back at the students' convenience.

Contact Us

If you are interested in any of the above services or have questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us. You can contact Ron Schildknecht, director of multimedia services, at 502.852.4319.

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