Race-Based Trauma and Anti-Racism Resources: We Are Still Here For You!

Black Lives Matter. The Office of Diversity & Equity has complied a list of Anti-Racism resources for the campus community. This list will be updated on an ongoing basis.

The Counseling Center staff would like to offer our unconditional support to the members of our community who are suffering as a result of racial discrimination and social injustice.  Recent acts that have targeted Black Americans have had a profound impact on our community. We know that experiencing race-based trauma is painful and can result in significant distress. Additionally, we recognize that witnessing or hearing about violence against those within a group with which we identify can also be traumatizing; this is called vicarious trauma.

Race based trauma, whether vicarious or directly experienced, can result in significant problems including: anxiety, depression, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), sudden shifts in behavior and relationships, persistent feelings of danger, avoidance, not feeling connected to your body or to others, physical exhaustion, feelings of anger or hopelessness, feeling that you are emotionally overreacting to situations, and difficulty with concentration and focus. All of these reactions are valid.

We want to encourage you to engage in regular self-care activities that address your mental and physical health, to connect with others for support, and to call the Counseling Center if you’d like talk to someone about your mental and emotional well-being, including the effects of race-based trauma. We are still offering urgent consultations by phone or video call M-F 8:30am to 4pm. 

COVID-19 updates and resources for the University and UofL Student Acknowledgement (PDF).


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