Biology Seminars

Spring 2019 Seminar Series: Department of Biology


Unless otherwise indicated, seminars will be in 139 Shumaker Research Building on Fridays at noon.

Feb. 1:  Job candidate seminar.

Feb. 8: Dr. DeAnna E. Beasley, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  Host: Biology Graduate Student Association.

Feb. 22: Job candidate seminar.

March  1: Job candidate seminar.

March 22: Dr. Corrie Moreau, Cornell University, Brown and Williamson Distinguished Speaker. Host: Biology Graduate Student Association.

March 29:  (Chao Auditorium in Ekstrom Library)  Dr. Colin Saldanha, National Science Foundation. "The synaptocrine hypothesis: the challenges of specificity in secreted steroidal signalling."  Host: Dr. Cindy Corbitt.

April 5:  Dr. John Crowe, UC Davis, Brown and Williamson Distinguished Speaker.  Host: Dr. Michael Menze.

April 12: Dr. Malin Ah-King, Stockholm University, Brown and Williamson Distinguished Speaker “When the gaze was turned towards females- a science study of sexual selection.” Host: Dr. Linda Fuselier.

April 19:  Dr. Jessica F. Brinkworth, University of Illinois Urbana. Host: Biology Graduate Student Association.