Lab Members

Lab members


Debbie Yoder-Himes, Ph.D. <>





Dave Jensen - Master's student


The research Dave is conducting focuses on studying the gene expression of Cystic Fibrosis pathogens within a polymicrobial environment simulating the CF lung.  Although research has been done on these bacteria in the past, most rely upon the hypothesized misconception that gene expressions of single strain cultures do not differ from their respective expression when found in co-cultures.  With the help of next-gen sequencing Dave hopes to have sufficient data to support our hypothesis that gene expression differs in polymicrobial environments from expression when grown in isolation.  Such findings can give insights into more specialized treatment methods for those suffering from CF, or other immunosuppressed patients who have been infected with these opportunistic pathogens. Dave is the lab expert at bacterial methods and data presentation.


Molly McDonald - undergraduate researcher

Molly is investigating the response of lung respiratory cells to Burkholderia dolosa polar and lateral flagellins.  She is using ELISA assays to ascertain the cytokines produced by epithelial cells so we can better understand the immunological response to this organism.  Molly is also examining whether NF-kB, an important transcription factor in eukaryotes, is activated in response to infection by Burkholderia dolosa and Pseudomonas aeruginosa or to the flagellins produced by these organisms.  Molly is the lab expert in tissue culture and ELISA assays.

Former students:

Trusha Mehta, B.S. - graduated and went to medical school in 2014                                                                                                                


Danielle Gosney - obtained a hospital position in 2014



Mitchell Jacobs (udg) - is continuing in his academic pursuits as of 2014



Christine Invergo, B.S. - is exploring her options post-graduation