Professional Staff

Meg Campbell, Executive Director of UPDC, ph 502.852.4850

Mike Materna, Assistant Director of UPDC, ph 502.852.0211

Christy McElfresh, Director of Facilities and Planning HSC, ph 502.852.8185

Geoffrey L. Atherton, Architectural Designer II, ph 502.852.0207

Karen Blake, Space Planning Manager, ph 502.852.6180

Misty Burkhead, Senior Interior Designer, ph 502.852.0209

Bobbi Carlton, Leasing Admin. Manager, ph 502.852.0205

Greg Crawford, Space Utilization Coordinator/Scheduler, ph 502.852.5696

Rob Fry, Database Analyst/Programmer, ph 502.852.4552

Angela Johnson, (Part-time) Interior Designer, ph 502.852.9217

, Space Utilization Coordinator, ph 502.852.9040

Kim Noltemeyer, Program Manager, ph 502.852.5699

Gerri Parker, HSC Admin. Specialist, ph 502.852.4941

Darlene Shircliff, Administrative Associate, ph 502.852.6176

Carrie Whitmore, Project Manager, Sr., ph 502.852.9338