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2019-20 SPHIS Faculty Favorites

Please join us in congratulating the SPHIS faculty and instructors who were named “Faculty Favorites” by their students.  

Read what our students had to say:

Brian Guinn

Very interested in students success, very encouraging and motivating

One of the best professors I've ever had.

Muriel Harris

Dr. Harris is the face of the school of public health. She is fearless, compassionate, and a great mentor to all students. She challenges your thinking and makes you a better person.

Dr. Muriel J. Harris serves as the Director of the PhD students in the School of Public Health and Information Sciences in the Department of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences. She serves as a "mother" to the 2022 cohort. Above her mentorship and knowledge that she graciously gives, she gives caring, concern, and is genuine. She demands more from her students, while still lifting them up. She does so much and is not given her just do! We love her!

I am a second year doctoral student in the Department of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Harris makes me feel supported, valued, and like family. She has taught me a lot through experiential learning and I appreciate her patience and scaffolding through the process. I know many other students who feel the same!

Best professor.

She is supportive and pushes her students to be the best they can be.

She has been very understandable and supportive of students always and especially during this time.

David Johnson

David is the most compassionate professor. Before the pandemic, he ensured that each student was receiving the best education possible by providing strong feedback and curating an amazing learning experience. After, David invited a licensed social worker to come talk to our class, just to help us work through the stress and grief from the immense changes we went through.

Dr. Johnson is a talented and dedicated professor and mentor who inspires students through his passion for public health.

I would like to nominate professor David Johnson for this.

Gabriel Jones

He is the most passionate professor I have ever had, and he provides such an open and respectful classroom. Learning in his class is legitimately so fun and exciting.

Throughout this entire pandemic experience, Mr. Jones has been nothing short of spectacular in his transition to online teaching. He has never failed to represent his students, reach out to us individually, and make us feel like one big family. Please consider recognizing him for his amazing work that he has been doing and will continue to do at our university.

Riten Mitra

Dr. Mitra is extremely patient and understanding. It's easy to communicate any doubts and I would like to thank him for the important discussions we had while modifying my thesis. He is very friendly and helpful, and open to new ideas.

I have done courses for 3 semesters under the guidance of Prof. Mitra, with fall 2019 being the latest. Highlight of Prof. Mitra's teaching is his "personalized approach" for students. Each student in the class feels that the lecture is personalized according to his/her need and background! So, all his lectures are super interesting which also underscores his very strong hold on the material he teaches. A major plus point of his teaching is his vast experience in different areas of Biostatistics and Probability research. He spellbinds students with examples from his research which helps them to understand what is going on in real life! On the research side, he is the person with whom you can discuss for hours, all the ideas you have however stupid they are, but he will listen to all of them and help to develop a meaningful collage of the ideas. He will help you right from finding a constructive idea to the end till when writing a meaningful conclusion. He gives his students ample freedom of experimentation while learning. On a personal note, for any kind of help he is the go to person! He can play a role of friend, philosopher, elder brother very swiftly! He definitely deserves to be a Faculty Favorite award winner!

Rachel Neal

Professor Neal cares about her students individual instead of as just another number. She is always willing to help and just talk and communicate with us whenever we'd like. Professor Neal has cancer and always managed to come to class to lecture. Professor Neal is one of the nicest and most selfless Professor I have met. She is truly amazing.

Dr. Neal is so caring and compassionate as a teacher and an individual. She made it enjoyable to learn about nutrition and our bodies. I love Dr. Neal and she deserves to be recognized for her dedication!

Professor Neal is a pillar to the Public Heath department. Her kindness and understanding to her students far surpasses expectations. Always there to lend advance or a textbook. Her amazing soul shines through even in tough times.

So kind. So strong. So understanding. UofL needs more professors like her.

Subhadip Pal

Dr. Pal has helped me immensely in shaping my thesis and preparing me for job interviews. He is very organized, thorough and explains complex concepts in a very simple way. It was easy to communicate any doubts.

Rachel Quick

Rachel is my academic advisor. When I switched to public health, I was on the verge of dropping out of school entirely. I felt I did not belong here. Rachel has always been 100% supportive and extremely thorough in all of her advising. She makes me feel like I'm at home in the Public Health department and that I am fully capable of anything I want to achieve.

Shesh N. Rai

Dr. Rai is extremely helpful and cooperative. He is always positive and has made me learn to look at life the same way. His open ended supervision has made me comfortable in doing extensive literature review and independent research. I would like to thank him for all the valuable inputs in my research and for arranging my financial assistance during PhD.

Kira Taylor

Dr. Taylor consistently gives real-world examples, relevant (amazing) explanations and fosters true student learning. Not only is she clearly an expert in her field, but she deeply cares about student success and well-being. Professors like Dr. Taylor make the world a better place.

Tammi Thomas

Tammi has been instrumental in my academic, and personal, success at UofL. She is honest, on top of things & kind. She is the exact person I want as my adviser, I wish every position in the school of public health was filled by a person like her. I have relied on her expertise and compassion many times as a student and I am so lucky to have had the chance to work with her.

Anne Wallis

Dr. Wallis has been through many difficulties this past year but through it all she has continued to be a wonderful and supportive colleague, an informative adviser, a talented professor, and an inspiring epidemiologist. I am grateful to have gained so much knowledge so far and I look forward to more in the future. Thank you, Dr. Wallis!

Monica Wendel

She's encouraging and makes lessons easy to understand.

Natalie DuPre

Dr. DuPre is not only knowledgeable about epidemiology but she also cares about her students and wants them to learn the material more than memorize it for a test. I've had the privilege of being her student and TA and she excelled as both a teacher and mentor. UofL SPHIS is lucky to have such a wonderful, intelligent faculty member.

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