2018-19 SPHIS Faculty Favorites

Please join us in congratulating the SPHIS faculty and instructors who were named “Faculty Favorites” by their students. They were recognized at the 2020 Celebration of Teaching and Learning on Friday, Feb. 7 on the Shelbyhurst Campus. 

Read what our students had to say:

Lee Bewley, PhD, FACHE

"Dr. Lee Bewley is the reason I stayed in the program. His energy is contagious! He goes out of his way to help myself and others to succeed. He is very resourceful and helpful. I am super grateful for Dr. Bewley and everything he has done to help me succeed. #BewleyforPresident"

Stephanie Boone, PhD, MPH

"Dr. Boone put in a lot of effort to improve our understanding of Epidemiology. The papers that she chose for students to review explored different concepts in Epidemiology. In addition, the in-depth discussion in class motivated us all to prepare well and engage in fruitful discussion."

Liza Creel, PhD, MPH

"You enter in her class with zero knowledge and leave the class with a zeal to learn more."

Robert Esterhay, MD

"His knowledge and experience make me love his class (Introduction to Health Systems). Very nice professor and always available for questions."

Jeremy Gaskins, PhD

"He puts 200% effort to explain the very hard theory as simple as possible for the students. His amazing research ideas helps the student to be confident.  His awesome teaching ability, understanding of students’ problems and co-operative behavior helps to ease out the most difficult situation. He has set as an excellent example of a researcher, advisor, and role model."

Brian Guinn, PhD

"Brian made a concentrated effort this semester to assist us in learning the fundamentals of Epidemiology. He was always available for questions, super helpful with providing new ways of looking at things, and was great at clarifying difficult subjects. I owe a lot of success to him, and I believe we are very lucky to have him as the Epidemiology GTA."

Muriel Harris, PhD

"Dr. Harris is the director of the PhD's in our department.  She truly cares about her students.  I personally lost my father first semester, and Dr. Harris reassured me that everything was going to be fine and that the faculty was there if I needed them.  She challenges her students inside the classroom to be the best versions of themselves."

J’Aime Jennings, PhD

"Dr. Jennings has high expectations, and I love that about her. It makes you really push yourself because you don't want to let her down. I've learned some great life lessons from her."

David Johnson, PhD, MPH, CPH

"Dr. David Johnson teaches several classes in the School of Public Health and Information Sciences. Dr. Johnson is committed to creating meaningful instructional content for his students. He also continues to be active on campus and in the community by engaging in public health events and trainings."

Alexander Kerns, PhD, MHA

"Dr. Kerns is a very informative, excellent instructor. His teaching style encourages student participation in class discussion.   I have a much better understanding of healthcare finance!"

Jelani Kerr, PhD, MSPH

"Dr. Kerr is great and very motivational. Cares about students in class and out of class! He is inferring a favorite."

Douglas Lorenz, PhD

"Excellent instructor who has carefully and meticulously thought through exactly how to present this challenging material to his students. He seems very invested in our success."

William McKinney, MD

"Dr. McKinney has had such a tremendous impact on my life in this very short semester.  He cares about his job, his students, and his community.  He deserves to be recognized for his work at UofL and because of his numerous other achievements in the field of public health."

Rebekah Musselwhite, PhD

"She is so nice and always open to helping students. She really cares about if we're understanding the material."

Rachel Neal, PhD

"Dr. Neal worked tirelessly throughout the semester to guarantee that her students were best prepared to succeed in the class. She provided time outside of class (as well as in class) for us to ask questions. She is really knowledgeable about the subject and excited to share her knowledge."

Subhadip Pal, PhD

"He offered a seven-level Linear Models course in this fall 2018. I liked it very much because he introduced us to the course in a whole new way. Moreover, after he concluded the syllabus, he even taught the latest areas of research and lots of interesting ways of using absolutely basic statistical tools in a whole new way for four classes."

Shesh Rai, PhD

"Dr. Rai is my Ph.D. advisor. He is extremely helpful, patient, encouraging, and always looking into the betterment of students. He believes in making his students independent researchers, with minimal guidance when required, trying to bring the best out of each student."

Michael Sekula, MS

"From his teaching to his open door policy, he made sure that we as students fully understood each topic that was covered. He has also been extremely understanding. My grandfather passed away, and I was not able to attend class one morning. After emailing him, he made sure to make himself available to go over the material that I missed."

Kira Taylor, PhD, MS

"Dr. Taylor is an exceptional professor.  She went above and beyond to ensure that her students are successful academically, professionally and personally.  Dr. Taylor has provided me opportunities that I never imagined would be available to me.  Most importantly, she pushes her students to their full potential."

Anne Wallis, MHS, PhD

"Not only is she always available if you have questions about classwork, she also is always willing to help with things outside of the classroom. As the first cohort of Global Health students in the MPH program at UofL, Dr. Wallis has helped all of us secure highly valuable internships through her connections. We went to Washington, D.C., Nigeria, Croatia, and California."

Robin Weiss, PhD, MPH, CLC, LCCE

"Dr. Weiss created a very good learning environment, encouraging thought-provoking discussions; focusing on relevant topics.  I feel that I am better prepared for a career in PH management."

Monica Wendel, DrPh, MA

"Great at pushing students to achieve...QUICKLY!"

Qi Zheng, PhD

"I have been fortunate to have Dr. Zheng as my professor. All materials (lecture notes, codes, and videos) are organized and easy to navigate. He is very articulate and able to explain subject matter clearly and in different ways so that I may understand. Because of him, I have been able to grasp content that I don't think I would have otherwise without his teaching."


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