Support Services

The Ryan White Program at UofL offers support services needed for eligible clients’ healthy medical outcomes such as:

  • Medical case management assistance
  • Sliding fee discount for patient contributions (link to brochure on sliding scale)
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Medical education
  • Referrals to medical and mental healthcare services
  • Community support events

The Ryan White Program and 550 Clinic work with community partners to ensure low income, underinsured people living with HIV are provided with care.

Interested in our program services? Follow the link to request an appointment or HIV test with our 550 Clinic.


KY HIV Care Coordination Program (KHCCP)

The intent of the KHCCP, also known as the Medical Case Manager Program, is to facilitate the provision of quality care and services to HIV infected individuals and their families in a timely and consistent manner across a continuum of care. The Kentucky program provides Medical Case Managers (formerly known as Care Coordinators) in six regional sites and community based organizations throughout Kentucky to aid the client in identifying and accessing needed services. These regional sites allow for statewide coverage and better local access to these services. The University of Louisville 550 Clinic KHCCP, covers the Kentucky counties of Bullitt, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer and Trimble.

Goals of KHCCP:

  • To optimize the client’s self-care capabilities by empowering them to direct his/her own life decisions.
  • To identify the extent of the client’s informal support systems.
  • To assist the client in locating and accessing existing services in areas including entitlement benefits (Medicaid and/or Social Security Disability Services), medical care, housing, counseling, transportation, legal and nutrition services.
  • To identify and establish a referral system with area health care and social service providers and community-based HIV organizations, and HIV counseling and testing sites.
  • To avoid duplication of services by formal and informal support systems does not occur.
  • To provide the client with educational information regarding disease transmission and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, and encourage and reinforce good health habits and secondary prevention methods over the course of case management.
  • To identify and document patterns of service needs and advocate for effective policies and resource development.
  • To facilitate the initial and on-going education of health care and social service providers to the issues surrounding HIV disease.
  • To ensure that program funding is appropriately used to meet the documented needs of HIV+ persons throughout the State in a manner that coordinates funding streams and makes use of existing community resources and services.

Financial Assistance Programs

Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance Program (KADAP) - This program assists low-income, eligible Kentuckians with the purchase of AIDS-related medications prescribed for FDA-approved indications. Once approved, eligible applicants receive formulary medications through a mail-order pharmacy service provided by the Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy in Lexington, Kentucky. For complete information, contact 1-866-510-0005 (toll free).

Kentucky Health Insurance Continuation Program (KHICP) - provides payments for the continuation of health insurance benefits for eligible individuals who are at risk of losing their employment-related or private-pay health insurance because of HIV-realted disease.