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The Ryan White Program at UofL actively works to connect and engage with service providers and resource organizations to provide for our patients’ continuum of care. We seek to support our community with education and support services by creating links to care in collaboration with our 550 Clinic providers and community partners.

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Video Resources

Let’s Stop HIV Together

Community Action of Southern Indiana (CASI)

Aaron M. Laxton: Advocate, Writer, Social Commentator

YouTube Channel:

About (from Website)

"Diagnosed with HIV on June 6, 2011, Aaron quickly made the decision that he was going to let him voice be heard so others would know that that they are not alone. His YouTube channel "My HIV Journey" has been viewed in over 182 countries by nearly a million viewers. His articles and writings have been featured around the world and regularly writes about HIV Criminalization, Truvada as PrEP, Risk-Reduction and all things related to HIV/AIDS.

Aaron brings a unique view as a 30-something gay male who is a recovering crystal meth addict. Additionally he is an alumni of the Missouri foster-care system from which he aged out after 15 years in care.

Aaron currently serves on the Global Community Advisory Board with the AIDS Clinical Trials Group based out of Washington, DC and is locally involved with the Community Advisory Board at Washington University in St. Louis. His articles and blogs have been featured in many International publications which tackle a wide-array of social justice issues."