Photo Events

Bin's farewell party,  Sep 2021 (everyone follows the COVID guidance with wearing a mask)

End of year group lunch

Group photo under 2019 Christmas decoration in the lab hallway

Group members watch horse race in Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY, June 2019"

Professor Tsutomu Konno and his studentKumon Tatsuya visit our lab.

Group photo under 2018 Christmas decoration in the lab hallway

2018 Thanksgiving dinner in Dr. Hammond's farm.

With our new Dreyfus Undergraduate Researchers from Fresno State, Melissa, Sheye and Bhvandip, having a good time at the races in Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY, June 2018"

Dr. Lu's PhD defense celebration, May 2018

Dr. Lu got the John M. Houchens award for the outstanding dissertation and receiving his hood from Dr. Hammond during the UofL 2018 fall commencement

Lu's one-month internship in Prof. Claudio F. Tormena's group at the University of Campinas, Brazil in March 2018.

Dr. Hammond, Mari with Professor Baldwin in Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru in April 2018


Dr. Hammond is Sailing in the pacific Ocean off the coast of Lima with Prof. Nantz, Prof. Ichikawa and Prof. Baldwin in March 2018

Dr. Hammond at the Japanese Center in March 2018 in Lima Peru with Prof. Ichikawa, Prof. Nantz, Prof. Baldwin.


Dr. Xu visits us, Feb 2018


Group New year lunch, Jan 2018


Group photo under the Christmas decoration in the lab, Dec 2017.

2017 Hammond group Thanksgiving dinner at Dr. Hammond's home, Nov 2017.

Dr. Hammond prepared delicious turkey for the 2017 group Thanksgiving dinner at his home, Nov 2017

Group photo in Churchill Downs,  Nov 2017

Dan's birthday and farewell party,  Oct 2017

Group picture with Prof. Hector Abruña (Cornell University). Oct 2017

Group picture with Prof. Luis Campos (Columbia University). Oct 2017

Group picture with Dr. José Carlos Aponte (NASA). Sep 2017

Wonderful day on Dr. Hammond's farm (around the bridge we built).  Sep 2017

Pablo's Second time farewell party,  Sep 2017

Group visit to Mammoth Cave, KY. Sep 2017

Trip on the Belle of Louisville, August 2017

The whole group attended the 2017 ACS National Meeting, DC and met with Elisha. Aug 2017

Congratulations! Dr. Hammond was named to 2017 class of ACS fellow.

Group photo with Dr. David Lemal, Aug 2017

Liang's PhD commencement, May 2017

Derby Party with Nobel prize laureate Dr. Peter Agre at Dr. Hammond's farm, May 2017

Farewell to Jessica. Enjoy your new journey in Baylor University!  April 2017

Bourbon Tour in Buffalo Trace, KY. Feb 2017

Rodeo night, Nov 2016

Christmas lunch, Dec 2016.

Christmas party in Dr. Hammond's farm. Dec 2016.

Dr. Zhou Li's farewell party (second from the left front row), Aug 2016

Dr. Elisha Otome's graduation ceremony, May 2016

Dr. Pablo Barrio's farewell party, Sep 2015


Everton Pittaluga's Farewell (left, visiting student from Brazil) and Liang (right), Oct 2014

Andrew Flach's Farewell Party (left to Dr. Hammond), July 2014

Manish Kumar's PhD Defense Celebration (Left to Dr. Hammond), June 2014


Dr. Junbin Han's Graduation Ceremony with Andrew (left),  May 2014‏

Dr. Deepika Malhotra's PhD Defense Celebration (middle), April 17th 2014

Dr. Junbin Han's PhD Defense Celebration,  April 15th, 2014

Naoto Shimizu's Farewell (right to Dr. Hammond), Christmas 2013

Dr. Christian Meier's Farewell (second from the left column), March 2013

2013 Birthday Celebration/Events

Celebration of life, Junbin's birthday (18th Dec) honored by the presence of his wife by his side and with teary eyes we

also wish farewell to our beloved Japanese friend Naoto (right from the front row) who is ending his internship with us in the lab.

Liang's Birthday celebration with the group and honored with the presence of his wife and Prof Kenji Uneyama (second from the left front row) on October 29th

Elisha's birthday celebrated with the group and honored with the presence of Ugoeze, Kelly and Ali on September 26th

Deepika's birthday celebration with the group and honored with the presence of her husband and other friends on August 14th

It is the boss's birthday celebrated with the group and honored with the presence of profs Grappenhaus and Baldwin on August 5th

The group at GB's home honoring prof Emeritus Robert Curl (Nobel Laurette 1996) during the famous Derby lecture on May 5th

Honoring Christian Meire (Visiting student from the Hashmi's group Germany) at Funmi's cafe on March 20th

Honoring visiting Japanese scholar prof Amii and the group on January 18th.