Overall Objectives of the Strategic Planning and Implementation Process:

  • Communicate and align strategic objectives of the Office of the Provost with the academic units.
  • Enrich and better inform resource and budget decisions utilizing a more comprehensive data-driven process of performance and budget.
    • Objective is to better align resource and budget decisions to unit and university mission and goals.
    • Unit data on performance and budget (3 year rolling average) is sent to each Dean in advance of the scheduled meeting to serve as a basis for review and discussion.
    • Review of performance and budget data and templates is a collaborative process to improve accuracy and common understanding of the data.
  • Devise and implement strategies that will enable the University of Louisville to compete successfully for performance-based funding from the Council on Post-Secondary Education.
    • Competition for performance-based funding will become an increasingly important component of university budget and resource allocations.
  • Devise and implement strategies to meet university goals outlined in the 2020 Strategic Plan powered by the 21st Century University Initiative.
    • Important for UofL mission as a premier metropolitan research university.
  • Devise and implement strategies to expand university tuition income.
    • Tuition revenue is a critical component for funding university operations as state appropriations remain stagnant or fall.
    • Enrollment management is increasingly important for projecting and increasing university funding and managing resource needs associated with enrollment.