Medical Leave for Faculty and Administrators

In November 1988, the Board of Trustees authorized the up to one-half year of base salary  (six months for those on annual appointment; one semester for those on academic year appointment) for Board appointed faculty and administrators.  The justification for the medical leave must be documented by medical evidence satisfactory to the President or Provost.  Unpaid leave may be granted thereafter for continuing documented medical reasons.  After six months of medical disability an employee may be eligible for benefits under the University’s long term disability insurance policy.

A request for medical leave must be made in writing to the department/unit head.  Medical documentation in the form of a report dated and signed by a licensed physician or health care provider must state the patient’s name, when seen, a description of the medical condition responsible for the patient’s absence and an expected date of the patient’s ability to return to work.  The “Certification of Physician or Practitioner” form which is part of the FMLA form may be used, or the physician may provide the required information in a letter. Prior to returning to University duties the employee must submit a physician’s report which indicates fitness and release to return to assigned duties without restriction.

All medical documentation shall be treated as confidential information.  If there is a question about the justification of a recommendation, additional opinions or information may be requested.  Supplementary information may also be requested from the leave applicant.

In the case of probationary faculty who have not completed five years of service counted toward tenure, a request for medical leave shall indicate whether or not the leave time is requested to count toward tenure.

Up to four weeks of medical leave may be approved by the Dean and reported to the Provost.  Over four weeks must be approved by the Provost.