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The University of Louisville is home to many faculty members of distinction who have outstanding national and international reputations in teaching, research and other scholarly activities.

These scholars serve as outstanding mentors for undergraduate, graduate and professional students, as well as for postdoctoral candidates. But they are also making a difference in our community and world. It is important that we recognize the groundbreaking work of these individuals and celebrate their achievements.

Photo of Jeffrey Skinner

Jeffrey Skinner

Professor in A&S; English
College of Arts & Sciences

In his latest book of poems, Jeffrey Skinner outlines some of his “Distant Wants”: a tad more Manhattan, some extra hot sauce, to nestle in a child-blue blanket, to think no one spectacular.

The last want may be a little difficult, since Skinner himself can be considered a spectacular poet. Skinner, a creative writing professor at UofL, was one of 177 recipients of the 2014 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship. Narrowed down from more than 4,000 applicants, the 2014 fellowship winners represent the best in arts and research.

His latest selection of poems, “Glaciology,” was published in 2013 and won the 2012 Crab Orchard Open Poetry Competition. Noted by the Guggenheim foundation for his work in poetry, Skinner also is an acclaimed essayist and playwright. His most recent book, “The 6.5 Practices of Moderately Successful Poets,” was a standout in the New York Times Book Review and his latest play, “Down Range,” was performed in Chicago in 2013.

Kent Hatteberg YouTube video

Kent Hatteberg

Music Professor & Choral Director
School of Music

The Cardinal Singers have made a name for themselves internationally, consistently ranked as one of the top choral groups in the world. That's thanks in large part to the man at the helm, music professor Kent Hatteberg.
Called one of the most influential voices of choral conductors and a member of the International Who's Who in Choral Music, Hatteberg brought a contemporary flair to the Cardinal Singers. Choral Director magazine said he "transformed the (Louisville) community into one of the nation’s most respected wells of choral talent."
Since he took over the group in 1997, Hatteberg has taken the Cardinal Singers to new heights. Most recently, he was named the Best Conductor at the 2013 Yeosu International Choir Competition in Yeosu, South Korea where the Cardinal Singers took the top prize. The group, at Hatteberg's direction, is currently ranked second in the world by INTERKULTUR.


Jennifer Brueckner-Collins YouTube video

Jennifer Brueckner-Collins

Professor of Anatomical Sciences & Neurobiology
Medical School

In just a few short years at UofL, Jennifer Brueckner-Collins has already made a lasting impact on her students. Brueckner-Collins, professor of anatomical sciences and neurobiology at the UofL Medical School, was chosen as one of four Faculty Favorites for the 2012-13 school year.
In addition to her work in the classroom, Brueckner-Collins has served as editor for the last three editions of the Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy and is co-author of the second edition of Sidman's Neuroanatomy text and the fourth edition of High Yield Neuroanatomy. In addition, she serves as an anatomy consultant on the national test construction committees for both the medical and dental licensure exams. She was nominated for a faculty favorite because of her dedication to medicine and to her students.
One student said "Never before have I seen such passion for a field of study coupled with a deep passion for teaching. She trains future physicians who will be better because she chose to dedicate her career to teaching."

Darcy DeLoach YouTube video

Darcy DeLoach

Director of Music Therapy
School of Music

When Darcy DeLoach's students leave her classroom, they're taking away more than technical knowledge. Her students say that DeLoach's encouragement and supportive attitude have inspired them in many ways. “I have learned so much from her, both about music therapy and about life,” said one of her students.
DeLoach, director of music therapy at the School of Music, is one of four Faculty Favorites from the 2012-13 school year. She's only been at UofL for about three years, but her presence has been greatly welcomed by her students. "Dr. [DeLoach] is reshaping the music therapy program perfectly. She is so enthusiastic and passionate about everything she does; this makes her an incredibly engaging teacher."
In addition to her work at UofL, DeLoach is a Fellow of the National Institute of Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy and currently serves as an inaugural member of the international Music and the Neuro-Developmentally At Risk Infant (MANDARI) research group and on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Music Therapy. It’s her dedication to music therapy that makes her students say, "She is a role model, a knowledgeable researcher, and a caring person."

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