Welcome Video Transcript

Hello I'm Russ Vandenbroucke

Can you conceive of a more peace and just world? One to expand human rights and social justice or contribute to diminishing violence? Are you eager to see how individual really do make a difference. Then consider one of the newest programs at UofL. A undergraduate certificate in Peace, Justice & Conflict Transformation. This certificate can be gotten in conjunction with any other major in any college. Our pre-professional program enhances educational opportunities for undergraduates and gives them a competitive advantage in job markets or pursuing further study’s. Furthermore, the subject itself is fascinating and you can apply what you learn to conflicts each of face every day.

Prior to taking the Peace Justice class, I didn't really have a clear concept of what peace was, I was definitely able to recognize what conflict was around me and conflict within myself. I'm a social work major so a lot of what we do is dealing with conflict in our daily lives. I thought I could take the peace course so I could utilize some tools taught in the course to address conflict we see in our daily lives. So, I thought this would be a good way for me to learn some of these tools.

Our interdisciplinary program only requires four courses. An interdiction to the fundamentals a course focused on fundamental skills. That concentrates on volunteer opportunities with the local, national, or international organizations. Where students put principals of peace into practice, an elective chosen from one hundred and eighteen different departments. You might have already completed that course as a general elective or as a requirement for your major or minor.

My path to peace studies began when I started my path to mediation and became a mediator for community conflicts. I found through this training that I was able to find a better inner peace. To maintain more control over my life, family settings, and intimate conflicts with people. So, I was able to help my community. I found it makes me smarter about what to go about conflicts. So, the peace program has really added on to my studies in education and sociology. It encouraged me to continue on with greater education around applying to a PHD in Psychology and hoping to use this degree for better research, community development, and help my society.

For further information, contact me at 502-852-8448 or email. Join us. Earn a certificate in peace, justice and conflict transformation. Make a difference in your life, in your family’s and in the world we share.