Determining Records Retention Periods

All records generated in the course of business at the University of Louisville are governed by the State University Model Records Retention Schedules, which are approved by the Kentucky State Archives and Records Commission for the retention and destruction of records created by all of the public colleges and universities in the Commonwealth.

Please note that the University Archivist has approved three exceptions to the state schedule:

  • Search records for positions at or above the level of dean (e.g., dean, vice president, provost): Retain permanently.
  • Records of grievance procedures: Retain permanently.
  • Department of Public Safety incident reports: Retain permanently.

Most records generated by the University fall under a few broad categories

  • Departmental budgets/budget workpapers (Schedule U0238): Retain for 5 years
  • Financial records (Schedule U0239 for records subject to audit; U0240 for records not subject to audit): Retain for 3 years (and after the Single Statewide Audit of Kentucky for the given fiscal year if applicable)
  • Student records, departmental or college file (Schedule U0449): Transfer permanent information to the Registrar, destroy remainder 5 years after graduation or last date of attendance
  • Personnel records, departmental or college file (Schedule U0620): Transfer permanent material to Human Resources, destroy remainder five years after termination of employee. Files for temporary workers can be destroyed 2 years after termination.
  • Time sheets/payroll reports: (Schedule U0647): Destroy tax reports after 4 years, all others after 3 years.
  • Course evaluations (Schedule U0643): Destroy individual sheets after 6 months; destroy any summaries/tabulations after 3 years
  • Grant Proposals/Research Files: (Schedule U1800, U1801, U1802, U1803): Destroy research files and funded grant proposals 3 years after termination of grant and final audit, unless otherwise specified by the terms of the grant contract. Non-funded grant proposal files may be destroyed when administrative value has ceased.

For other records, you may consult the full State University Model Records Retention Schedule via the web site of the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives pdf, or contact the University Archives and Records Center (852-6676 or via email email).

If you have questions about records classification or scheduling, please contact the University Archives and Records Center (852-8789 or emailemail).