Preferred Name Option Announced!

Beginning today, Sept. 8, students can change their preferred name in PeopleSoft. This change allows students to go by the name that they use, as opposed to their legal name (though legal names will still appear on official transcripts and diplomas).

Students can add or change a preferred first and/or middle name by logging on to their ULink account (students may not change their last name via this process). To access the preferred name option, go to Ulink, scroll to “Personal Information” and click on “Preferred Name.” Change your first and middle name to your preference and click “Save.” Your preferred name will display on class and grade rosters.

If you are a faculty member using BlackBoard, please make sure to use the student ID number and last name to enter/view information as the first and middle name may not match the name in the student records system.  BlackBoard administrators are investigating the process to change BlackBoard to preferred name in the near future.  Changes will be announced.

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