LGBT Center Welcomes New Hire to HSC Team

The LGBT Center is proud to welcome Chaz Briscoe to its team starting November 2.

Chaz joins the satellite office team at the Health Sciences Center (HSC) as a full-time Program Coordinator Senior and brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion to the team. He received his Bachelor's Degree from Indiana University Southeast and holds a Master's Degree from the University of Colorado. As a scholar, educator, and community organizer Chaz's interests center on the intersection of race and sexuality.

"I'm very excited to welcome such a talented new member to our team. Chaz has the skills and experience we need to continue the pioneering work we are doing on the HSC campus, and to take it to the next level" said Stacie Steinbock, director of the LGBT Center's health sciences satellite office.

Chaz is eager to get started in his new role. "I honestly feel working with the LGBT Center at the HSC satellite office is the opportunity of a lifetime. In a time of increased LGBT visibility, and in particular trans recognition, it is such a great opportunity to be working with one of the leading organizations in LGBT health awareness. This time is seminally imperative as we transition from mere rhetoric to substantive material change. In the position it is my hope to center LGBT people of color in the conversation, and address the intersectionality of health disparities along with different needs of our communities. I hope to be an asset and support, and look forward to engaging with the HSC student body."

Chaz's primary responsibilities will include coordinating the LGBT Health and Wellness Certificate series, providing educational support for LGBT students and their allies on the HSC, while also working with the LGBT Center's partners in developing new programming.

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